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Sunday services

and 6.30pm

Young Church meets at the same time as the morning service
there are groups for young people aged 1-5 and 6-12 years

Everyone is welcome to any of our services and all are invited to stay for coffee and tea which are served after the 10:30 and 6:30 services.
Where hymns are projected, books are available if preferred , Large print and music hymn books are available
Sometimes the service includes communion.The Methodist Church welcomes all who seek to draw nearer to God to share in communion. Please wait to be shown to the communion rail by a steward to receive bread and wine, or if you require the bread and wine to be brought to you in your seat, please tell the steward when your row goes up to the rail.
Please note, at communion, the wine is non-alcoholic and the bread is gluten free
If you prefer to receive a blessing rather than bread and wine, please indicate to the minister at the rail.or if you prefer to remain in your seat and pray, whilst others receive communion, that is acceptable.