ministers letter

Lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes.’
Isaiah 54:2 NKJV

The Methodist church has issued a challenge for all churches to begin its connexional year on September 1st with a day of prayer and fasting, so that the church can prepare itself for mission and service in the year ahead. This for our circuit is right in the middle of our Art and Crafts week a Mission event. Perhaps not a good idea to ban the bacon butties etc that folk will be enjoying as they hopefully engage with visitors to the event and use the opportunities to talk about being church.

However, it's something we can all choose to do as near to the start of the Methodist new year as possible and at a time to suit us. Whether individually or as a church event.
Take time to pray for your church and the circuit. For our neighbour churches and circuits.

Fasting is a difficult subject and each of us needs to approach and adapt to our own circumstances. It may be we choose to fast from spending our time on IT, the mobile phone and all its apps for a day and use that time to pray about our churches? Or to fast in the biblical sense and abstain from food for a period. Using the time to pray.

Thinking about the text this article begins with, it always fascinates me to see camping fields and particularly the creativity people expend on adapting their tents or camper or caravan awnings. They literally lengthen their cords and strengthen the stakes to adapt their temporary shelters to their desires and needs. We often argue about changes and how it's to be resisted. We don't like the new untested. Yet if that was true for all of life, camping sites for example would be very dull and probably impractical for many families.

As we think of the things we face in the Connexional year ahead, for ourselves, our churches, our circuit, what might God be challenging us to change or adapt? To lengthen the cords and strengthen the stakes?

Please do try in what ever way you can to take some time to pray and seek God's will for the way forward for our churches and circuit this September.

Every blessing
Rev Jean